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Among the several changes that healthcare industry has undergone in the last few years due to extensive use of Information Technology, cloud computing is significantly revolutionising the health care industry. Healthcare is moving to a digital platform, becoming more patient-centred and data-driven. Healthcare is learning from other industries, such as financial services, about unlocking the benefits of cloud without compromising data security. Most of the healthcare providers are implementing cloud solutions to improve the efficiency and affordability of health care domain.

Advantages of implementing Cloud Technology in Health care domain:


Patient data storage:

One of the greatest benefits of implementing Cloud Technology in Health care domain is storing the patient health data. Cloud storage costs around 10 times lesser than traditional data storage practices in Health care domain. Hence the cost incurred in buying the server space, Hardware and resources to maintain the systems can be minimised. Cloud Technology is very much secured and all the details of the patients are protected all the times. Cloud technology can perform updates without causing any downtime and possible data loss in real time. This matches the efficiency requirement of hospitals to run and access their networks for 24/7.

Sharing Records to authorized People:

Since data is available on the cloud, patients and doctors can then log on to the system to refer to the prescription fitted to their ailments. For instance, physicians who are out of the country can give patients accounts to be able to share data to them even when they are not physically in the clinic.

Some sicknesses can lead up to death when not treated quickly. Thus cloud provides the flexibility to access the data at any instance of time for both the doctors and patients.

Mobile accessibility:

Unlike the usual intranet-based systems utilized in hospitals which are mostly desktop-dependent, cloud computing systems offer convenience and much mobility to its users. The cloud structure allows both healthcare professionals and authorized patients to access important files and data on a smartphone, tablet and other mobile gadgets without special permissions and settings.

The world is fast changing. At the heart of this change are cloud technologies that are also being accepted by the health care industry. Cloud computing which enables computers and various other mobile devices to access shared files and applications online through the Internet instead of the local environment. By implementing Cloud Technology in health care medical professionals now can share and promote information among others in similar fields in different locations.

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