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Mobile Cloud Computing ranks 5th in the Top 7 Technology trends of 2016 report released by the Forbes Magazine. Big data and Cloud computing has found significance in the Technology market since 2015 and is still a trending topic. The hotel industry is one key sector that is going to be benefitted the most with Cloud Computing as it improves the guest experience with less cost and resources.

In this article we shall discuss the seven major points that explain the need for Cloud-based Mobile applications and computing to enhance the services offered at your hotel.

1. Cost Efficiency

The return of investment is within weeks not even months or years! As cloud based applications can accommodate large data sets and are based on the same platform it is easy to reuse them across multiple devices and applications. They can be acquired as and when needed. This helps hotels to get their basic backend processes run at a lesser cost.

2. Enhanced Guest Experience

With increasing smartphone usage, customers expect everything to be done so quickly and by themselves. Digitization of the processes in your hotel and scaling them on the cloud enables customers to access the services at the tip of their fingers over a Wifi Connection. It enables customer to manage their bookings, update issues on services, know the day’s special in the restaurants through smart-menu apps and access infinite other services.

3. Strengthens Security

Hotels are obligated to maintain high levels of security as large amounts of data such as customer’s name, personal details and details regarding their stay are stored and scaled on the cloud. Also, cloud enables lean management of operations cutting down on various levels of communication between you and your customer. Skilled professionals in the field of data security and backup help in keeping the data safe from bugs and risks.

 4. Access to Information

As mentioned earlier, Cloud allows you to maintain a repository of all customer related data that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime as and when needed. Another benefit of using cloud based applications for your hotel is that most of the technical aspects of the application are handled by the cloud provider and you need to learn only to use the application at the end-user level. This reduces the learning curve and allows you to access information easily.

5. Data for a personalized service

You can extract customer data and analyze them across various metrics to understand customer expectations. This allows for providing personalized customer services at lesser cost. You can understand your customers’ health condition, their preferences and their comfort levels by generating meaningful reports from the data and customizing your services to meet their needs.

6. Taking down geographical barriers.

Another major advantage of cloud is that this enormous space shrinks into your palm. It can to extended to anywhere across the globe and can be accessed from any place. It breaks the geographical barriers.  Thus, your customers can stay connected with anyone or any kind of service across the globe.

7. Providing total package.

Cloud computing is the best means to easily connect with wide range of business services that will improve your customer experience. You can partner with travel agencies, salon services, book reading services, recreational companies and many other services that will make your customers’ stay nothing less than convenient.  If your customer can get everything they need through a smart app, what more will they need!

Make your SMART customers Happy with the SMAC way of doing things! 

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