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Kitchen Management Made Simple on Cloud!


According to the 2016 research reports on travel research and booking by eMarketer, 51.8% of travelers who book trips through digital means will do so using a mobile device. This means everything in the hotel industry in India is becoming digital and it is very important to digitalize your kitchen management systems to scale your business performance.

Anything and Everything about your restaurant can be done in just an instant with the help of cloud based kitchen management mobile applications. You can now create your own recipe and store them on cloud. You can import recipes from over 100s of culinary sites and use them to improve your restaurant’s dishes. Easily create, edit and save customer-centric meal plans. Track your kitchen inventory and make grocery lists on the go.


Below are 11 key things, a cloud based kitchen management system can help you do to improve your restaurant’s services:

  1. Managing Supplies- You can manage supplier costs and handle price fluctuations by storing and measuring kitchen supplies related data on cloud. Controlling and updating supplies is made easy with the help of tracking tools thereby ensuring the restaurant’s profitability.  

  2. Tracking Allergens- You can track the allergens from servers to servings though smart apps that will assure customers’ peace of mind. It also provides complete visibility to your FoH teams enabling them meet the legal compliance standards easily.

  3. Menu planning and Costing- With the help of analytical tools in these apps you can plan the menu and determine its right price that not only ensures profitability but also makes customers fell that your food is a good RoI.

  4. Nutritional analysis- Understand the nutritional value of the food by comparing it with the wide range of data stored on food and nutrition on the cloud.

  5. Stock exhaustion & inventory management- Check the availability and usage of stock in the kitchen and track the inventory data regularly with the help of smart kitchen apps. The cloud based data management tools enable in effective monitoring and management of the inventory in the restaurant.

  6. Track food wastage- Measure Monitor and Control food wastage and make effective day-to-day menu related decisions.

  7. Damages & loss- Monitoring of kitchen articles is also another important aspect of restaurant management. Check and Track the kitchen wares, cutlery, crockeries, and glass/steal ware and other utensils in the kitchen. This also helps to keep minor thefts away.

  8. Digital and Smart Menu- Directly Announce live menus to your customers through Smart Apps by enabling them to view menus on a mobile screen including cost, allergens, nutritional facts and photos from the kitchen.

  9. Reporting & analytics- Analyze all restaurant related data and generate real-time reports across various metrics that enhance your business’s performance. For example, analyze the performance of the different branches of your restaurant and come up with effective insights of areas to improve.

  10. Multi-Site and platform enterprise Networks- Sync and share data across different branches, departments and geographies with the help of smart mobile apps that are compatible across various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon and the Web.

  11. Sync all data on cloud- Sync all the data instantly on the cloud and share recipes, ingredients, groceries lists, menu plans with the other employees.

Thus, Smart mobile applications are trending in the hotel industry that makes kitchen tasks simple and easily manageable, allowing experts to give more time on coming up with business strategies to pull more customers and trigger the success of the hotel.

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