Demonetization in India: Providing Healthcare Options for Cost-Conscious Patients

With change in economic climate in India due to demonetization, patients are placed with increasing responsibility to make cost-conscious medical decisions. Many patients don’t feel comfortable discussing medical costs with their Doctors, or don’t know where to begin to research lower-cost options. But patients cannot afford to ignore medical costs. The financial burdens and traditionally long wait times at hospitals and clinics make it an unattractive option for cost-conscious patients. However, late-night options do not provide a reasonable alternative.

Integrated Telemedicine solutions provides an alternative option and plays a critical role in delivering quality service and controlling escalating costs by improving productivity and efficiency. Telemedicine solutions clear up-front pricing allows patients to make informed decisions about their cost burden. The ability to treat low-acuity conditions without a costly visit to the Hospitals, benefits both patients and hospitals/clinics.


With an estimated 7 million patients utilizing telemedicine by 2018, long-time Doctors and recent graduates will need to develop uniquely different practice skills for providing care through telemedicine portals. Since 2015, Bairo has used clinical guidelines for diagnoses most commonly encountered in the telemedicine environment with a focus on patient safety, clinical quality, and evidence-based medicine. These clinical guidelines were developed in collaboration with board-certified Doctors from across the country. Bairo continues to work with Hospitals and clinics providing on-going training and up-to-date knowledge on the changing regulatory environment, clinical procedures, and operations related to telemedicine delivery.

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