15 Ways Secured Messaging Apps Are Changing Healthcare Communication

Secured App

Secured messaging apps are changing the way doctors and patients approach healthcare communication. The traditional methods of in-person visits and phone calls can be time-consuming and inefficient. This new technology is helping change that and change healthcare.

Here are a few ways secured messaging apps are impacting healthcare.

1. Patient Admissions More Efficient – Expedites the admission process

2. HIPAA Compliance – Compliant with all HIPAA regulations

3. Cutting Prescription Fill Times – Estimates show fill times cut in half

4. Message Delivery Confirmation – Confirmation that patients have received messages to ensure communication went through

5. Staff Accountability – Electronic records of conversations and ability to communicate more effectively with staff to ensure work is completed

6. Send Secure Images – Eliminates need for sending imagery via regular mail or in person

7. Saves Staff Time – Nurses and other staff can save up to four hours per day by communicating via secured messaging apps

8. Forward Messages and Images – Easily pass along messages and images to doctors and other staff members who might require them

9. Remote Diagnosis – Patients can receive doctor advice and diagnosis without having to come into the office

10. Real-time Consultation – Patients can communicate with doctors in real-time for consultative services

11. More Patients Per Shift – Allows for up to 15 more patients per shift

12. Audio, Video, Text and Voice – Variety of methods of communication

13. Reduction in Wait Times – Studies show waiting times are reduced by around thirty percent

14. Accessibility on Multiple Devices – Reach patients where they are rather than only in the office

15. SMS and Group SMS – Functions similar to SMS messaging on mobile devices and allows for more than two people to be involved in conversation

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Both doctors and patients are benefiting from secured messaging. Healthcare communication between doctors and patients has traditionally been behind the times, but new technology is helping to fix outdated systems and get healthcare moving forward into an exciting future. 

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