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Bairo SmartHealth and Bairo Engage, two of Bairo Corporation’s popular healthcare technology solutions, made headlines this week when they were released to the masses. Bairo SmartHealth was released in the Android app store, Google Play, while Bairo Engage was released for iOS in Apple’s App Store.


Bairo Corporation’s technology solutions have been helping doctors communicate better with patients for quite a while, but they weren’t available for download in Android and iOS app stores until this week. This is big news for Bairo, as well as the healthcare industry. As the apps become more widely available, potential impact they’ll have on improving doctor-patient communication increases expontentially.

Bairo SmartHealth

93% of adults prefer to visit a doctor who offers some level of electronic communication. Bairo SmartHealth brings healthcare into the future and offers those 93% what they want.

The app offers the following benefits to healthcare professionals and patients:

  • Search and choose medical experts
  • Find available doctors and create appointments
  • Direct patients to other specialists
  • Eliminate lab results time lag
  • Improved document organization efficiency
  • Eliminate time lag in case report procurement
  • More efficient patient education
  • Significantly reduce turnaround time

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Communication is the top concern voiced by patients about their healthcare providers. Bairo SmartHealth eliminates that concern and enhances providers’ ability to truly connect with their patients.

Bairo Engage

Bairo Corporation’s secured messaging app for healthcare replaces old methods of communication like phone calls and snail mail.

The app offers the following benefits to healthcare professionals and patients:

  • Cloud-based, isolated HIPAA-compliant database
  • 100% secure private, group conversations with providers and patients
  • Admin dashboard control with users, reports, search and archive
  • EHR integration
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and any web browsers
  • Professional consultation services (10 hours per month)

Healthcare is moving forward into an exciting future. As a result, patients are receiving higher quality care, and issues that caused concern previously are being eliminated.

To learn more about Bairo SmartHealth and Bairo Engage, visit our solutions page.

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