How does Smart Health Care change your patients’ day at the Hospital?

We have seen a number of outpatients standing in queues to get treated for their illnesses and in-patients complaining about delay in services at hospitals. Successful hospitals invest on manpower to make sure that no patient is left unattended. However, the ratio of the number of doctors to the number of patients is still low in most parts of India.

An average day of a doctor in a healthcare center goes by trying to attend to all the in and outpatients under his purview and emergency cases till the days end either by extending their schedule or leaving the queue to be continued for the next day. Overcome the shortcomings of hospital and patient management with Smart health systems. 

In this article let us discuss how Smart Healthcare Systems change an average day for your patients at the hospital. Implementation of Smart health has the following perks:

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Move from Paper to Phones for Speedy and Scalable Healthcare

Store and Scale Patient Data-Management with Mobile Cloud Computing

“Sorry, had you brought the patient a few minutes early we could have saved his life.”- We have heard these words a number of times in many hospitals across our country. Due to lack of advanced infrastructures and long queues offering timely assistance to emergency health situations is one of the biggest challenge that Indian hospitals are facing every day.

It’s time to move to SMART systems like mobile healthcare that makes treatment quick and easily available for patients.

Here are some of the perks of Smart healthcare:

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The Rising Health-Care Revolution

Med Tech

The scope of current technology revolution continues to grow, impacting all industries as it develops. In healthcare, technology is increasingly playing a pivotal role in almost all processes ranging from patient registration and data monitoring to lab tests, self-care tools and beyond.

Devices like smartphones and tablets are starting to replace conventional monitoring and recording systems. The result is services expanding beyond the confines of hospital walls and integrating them with user-friendly, accessible devices.

As 2016 begins, we want to take a look at some of these technologies and how they are impacting our industry. The following are some key technological advances that are changing the face of healthcare.

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