Long Appointment Lead Times leads to dissatisfied Patients

New York times calls it the "Healthcare waiting game", Appointment lead time is a big problem and leads to frustration of patients with healthcare providers aka Doctors. This often results in no-show of patients or turns them to other clinics, hospitals, emergency departments in order to receive timely care. It's the biggest spoiler of established patient-doctor relationships. so what can you do to alleviate the lead time concerns ?

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Bairo VC Partnership alleviates lead time concerns

Bairo VC allows healthcare providers like Doctors, clinics, hospitals to provide on-demand care as an extension to their brand and traditional care, alleviating lead time concerns in traditional scheduled care setup. By partnering with Bairo, you can begin offering virtual care visits and provide additional staffing for high-demand, your clinics, hospitals can maintain the higher level of quality the patients expect.

Bairo with its presence in two great countries India and USA, offers Electronic Health Record (EHR), Video Consulting, Practice management, Patient Portal, Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics software's which are NABH and HIPAA-compliant. The features within the system include interactive appointment calendars, secure session notes, document sharing, e-discharge summary, HD Video Consulting, Big data Healthcare Analytics and billing etc.,. Bairo launched in 2015, and continues to add features to exceed patient requests and offer ultimate convenience for providers and patients.

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Continuity of Care through Video Consultations

Bairo Video Consulting has proven that Video Consultations solves major healthcare problems and evolves continuity of care for patients. The company also understands that Video Consulting can be a great medical marketing tool for private practices and medical facilities eager to expand their patient networks beyond their geographic regions.


Bairo VC's medical marketing services help providers announce their new Video Consulting platform to existing patients, as well as to acquire new patients with the technology. Marketing services -- done through Bairo. With each Bairo VC subscription, a provider receives

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