Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain has the radical potential to change many healthcare processes to the benefit of both the healthcare industry and the patients. Bairo is already working on some innovations in blockchain like validity of hospital and clinical appointments, patients compliance, speeding up healthcare insurance claims processing, and data management.

Blockchain Bitcoins

What is a Blockchain ? It's a public “ledger” of every transaction that has ever taken place that is distributed to the edge of the network based on Consensus. Each message from a node is transmitted to all the connected nodes so all nodes bears the complete source of truth. Every transaction is represented as a specific length of Blockchain Hash Function. For example Bairocorp as an input transaction message can be represented in blockchain as 82cdce105e2d7b765293c07607e7bc4b32d427be37918c09650aca17532ed175 making it more secure and hard to decrypt. Transactions are kept secure via cryptography, and transactions have to be approved and verified by the network in a process called mining. Check this visual demo of how Hash of info can be treated as smart contract.

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Why Digital Health?

The famous JF Kennedy words, “We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard” resonates closer with us. Why Digital health ? This is the most common question we keep hearing from our skeptics, nay sayers and downnight bashers of digital health. We do them here at Bairo because they are hard. And Healthcare is definitely hard - very hard. From the basic science to the red tape of regulations, the task at hand is not for the meek—we are  bold thinkers who imagine solutions with a full understanding of the roadblocks that lie ahead. 


This meant old ways of doing things may have to go. It takes commitment, resources, sacrifices and determination. People need to be trained and leadership needs to evangelize. This ain’t business as usual. But the pursuit of this vision is powerful because we here at Bairo consistently raise the bar for ourselves. It’s the promise of being able to help change or even save a life through DIGITAL HEALTH.

Bairo with its presence in two great countries India and USA, offers Electronic Health Record (EHR), Video Consulting, Practice management, Patient Portal, Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics softwares which are NABH and HIPAA-compliant. The features within the system include interactive appointment calendars, secure session notes, document sharing, e-discharge summary, HD Video Consulting, Big data Healthcare Analytics and billing etc.,. Bairo launched in 2015, and continues to add features to exceed patient requests and offer ultimate convenience for providers and patients.

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EHR use is growing: Is your Practice prepared ?

The healthcare ecosystem in India is witnessing a sea change in terms of government focus, growth of corporate healthcare provider brands, Healthcare startups, increasing geographic and demographic reach, evolving business needs, innovative business models, and revolutionary technology solutions. Qualitative information from India's Healthcare industry executives indicates that the industry has accepted the permanence and necessity of Electronic Healthcare Records technology and is eager to absorb lessons learned in order to accelerate adoption as quickly and efficiently as possible.


EHRs are the future of healthcare because they provide critical data that informs clinical decisions, and they help coordinate care between all providers in the healthcare ecosystem. A fully functional Bairo EHR system goes above and beyond and incorporates more of your practice workflows. With a fully functional EHR, your practice is more seamlessly integrated with other members of the healthcare community, helping to:

  • Improve coordination of care

  • Increase patient participation in care

  • Improve the quality of care

  • Increase efficiencies and cost savings

The EHR and telehealthcare sectors will witness strong growth due to technological advancements that will make treatment and diagnosis simpler. Additionally, individuals belonging to the young population are tech savvy and appreciate IT adoption in healthcare offerings. This population segment spends more on e-health and m-health applications and the trend is expected to continue.

For more information on how Bairo designs scalable EHR to meet the needs of your hospitals or clinics, please contact one of our implementation specialists by clicking here.

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Transition to next generation of India's HIS Today with Free Data Conversion

Many companies who are using HIS software are facing challenges with managing enormous data growth, providing access to this data from mobile devices, never ending maintenance costs while facing flat budgets.

Answer these key questions:

  • Do you have aging HIS solutions and costs associated with maintaining outdated server technologies?Is your HIS limited in terms of mobile access to common patient data?
  • Is there an inability to exchange data between disparate and departmental systems?
  • Do you plan to gain control of your data and eliminate vendor lock in from  companies?
  • Do you understand the cost and impact to your organization of an ever-increasing medical imaging data migration?
  • Do you have a plan to provide one interface to the medical images that for your EMR Clinical portal?
  • Are you planning to replace your HIS in the next 1-3 years?

If the answer is Yes for any of the above key questions, its time you transition to Bairo HIS. Bairo is the only company that offers free data conversion for the users who are looking to switch from their current HIS.



Many of India's smartest hospitals are already switching to Bairo. We at Bairo, have helped many India's hospitals and clinics with those same challenges, by transitioning them to the next generation of HIS and leveraging the economics of cloud. Bairo provides inpatient and outpatient HIS that costs less to operate, shortens A/R days, increases revenue, ensures patient safety and makes users happy without hardware or software.

For more information on how Bairo designs scalable HIS to meet the needs of your hospitals or clinics, please contact one of our implementation specialists by clicking here.

Many companies who are using Lexmark or similar PACS software are facing challenges with managing enormous data growth, providing access to this data from mobile devices, never ending storage costs while facing flat budgets.

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Demonetization in India: Providing Healthcare Options for Cost-Conscious Patients

With change in economic climate in India due to demonetization, patients are placed with increasing responsibility to make cost-conscious medical decisions. Many patients don’t feel comfortable discussing medical costs with their Doctors, or don’t know where to begin to research lower-cost options. But patients cannot afford to ignore medical costs. The financial burdens and traditionally long wait times at hospitals and clinics make it an unattractive option for cost-conscious patients. However, late-night options do not provide a reasonable alternative.

Integrated Telemedicine solutions provides an alternative option and plays a critical role in delivering quality service and controlling escalating costs by improving productivity and efficiency. Telemedicine solutions clear up-front pricing allows patients to make informed decisions about their cost burden. The ability to treat low-acuity conditions without a costly visit to the Hospitals, benefits both patients and hospitals/clinics.


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Continuity of Care through Video Consultations

Bairo Video Consulting has proven that Video Consultations solves major healthcare problems and evolves continuity of care for patients. The company also understands that Video Consulting can be a great medical marketing tool for private practices and medical facilities eager to expand their patient networks beyond their geographic regions.


Bairo VC's medical marketing services help providers announce their new Video Consulting platform to existing patients, as well as to acquire new patients with the technology. Marketing services -- done through Bairo. With each Bairo VC subscription, a provider receives

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How does Smart Health Care change your patients’ day at the Hospital?

We have seen a number of outpatients standing in queues to get treated for their illnesses and in-patients complaining about delay in services at hospitals. Successful hospitals invest on manpower to make sure that no patient is left unattended. However, the ratio of the number of doctors to the number of patients is still low in most parts of India.

An average day of a doctor in a healthcare center goes by trying to attend to all the in and outpatients under his purview and emergency cases till the days end either by extending their schedule or leaving the queue to be continued for the next day. Overcome the shortcomings of hospital and patient management with Smart health systems. 

In this article let us discuss how Smart Healthcare Systems change an average day for your patients at the hospital. Implementation of Smart health has the following perks:

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Move from Paper to Phones for Speedy and Scalable Healthcare

Store and Scale Patient Data-Management with Mobile Cloud Computing

“Sorry, had you brought the patient a few minutes early we could have saved his life.”- We have heard these words a number of times in many hospitals across our country. Due to lack of advanced infrastructures and long queues offering timely assistance to emergency health situations is one of the biggest challenge that Indian hospitals are facing every day.

It’s time to move to SMART systems like mobile healthcare that makes treatment quick and easily available for patients.

Here are some of the perks of Smart healthcare:

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Healthcare in the Cloud

10003000hands Holding City On Tablet ZyFnqYS

Among the several changes that healthcare industry has undergone in the last few years due to extensive use of Information Technology, cloud computing is significantly revolutionising the health care industry. Healthcare is moving to a digital platform, becoming more patient-centred and data-driven. Healthcare is learning from other industries, such as financial services, about unlocking the benefits of cloud without compromising data security. Most of the healthcare providers are implementing cloud solutions to improve the efficiency and affordability of health care domain.

Advantages of implementing Cloud Technology in Health care domain:

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The Rising Health-Care Revolution

Med Tech

The scope of current technology revolution continues to grow, impacting all industries as it develops. In healthcare, technology is increasingly playing a pivotal role in almost all processes ranging from patient registration and data monitoring to lab tests, self-care tools and beyond.

Devices like smartphones and tablets are starting to replace conventional monitoring and recording systems. The result is services expanding beyond the confines of hospital walls and integrating them with user-friendly, accessible devices.

As 2016 begins, we want to take a look at some of these technologies and how they are impacting our industry. The following are some key technological advances that are changing the face of healthcare.

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