EHR use is growing: Is your Practice prepared ?

The healthcare ecosystem in India is witnessing a sea change in terms of government focus, growth of corporate healthcare provider brands, Healthcare startups, increasing geographic and demographic reach, evolving business needs, innovative business models, and revolutionary technology solutions. Qualitative information from India's Healthcare industry executives indicates that the industry has accepted the permanence and necessity of Electronic Healthcare Records technology and is eager to absorb lessons learned in order to accelerate adoption as quickly and efficiently as possible.


EHRs are the future of healthcare because they provide critical data that informs clinical decisions, and they help coordinate care between all providers in the healthcare ecosystem. A fully functional Bairo EHR system goes above and beyond and incorporates more of your practice workflows. With a fully functional EHR, your practice is more seamlessly integrated with other members of the healthcare community, helping to:

  • Improve coordination of care

  • Increase patient participation in care

  • Improve the quality of care

  • Increase efficiencies and cost savings

The EHR and telehealthcare sectors will witness strong growth due to technological advancements that will make treatment and diagnosis simpler. Additionally, individuals belonging to the young population are tech savvy and appreciate IT adoption in healthcare offerings. This population segment spends more on e-health and m-health applications and the trend is expected to continue.

For more information on how Bairo designs scalable EHR to meet the needs of your hospitals or clinics, please contact one of our implementation specialists by clicking here.

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How does Smart Health Care change your patients’ day at the Hospital?

We have seen a number of outpatients standing in queues to get treated for their illnesses and in-patients complaining about delay in services at hospitals. Successful hospitals invest on manpower to make sure that no patient is left unattended. However, the ratio of the number of doctors to the number of patients is still low in most parts of India.

An average day of a doctor in a healthcare center goes by trying to attend to all the in and outpatients under his purview and emergency cases till the days end either by extending their schedule or leaving the queue to be continued for the next day. Overcome the shortcomings of hospital and patient management with Smart health systems. 

In this article let us discuss how Smart Healthcare Systems change an average day for your patients at the hospital. Implementation of Smart health has the following perks:

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