Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain has the radical potential to change many healthcare processes to the benefit of both the healthcare industry and the patients. Bairo is already working on some innovations in blockchain like validity of hospital and clinical appointments, patients compliance, speeding up healthcare insurance claims processing, and data management.

Blockchain Bitcoins

What is a Blockchain ? It's a public “ledger” of every transaction that has ever taken place that is distributed to the edge of the network based on Consensus. Each message from a node is transmitted to all the connected nodes so all nodes bears the complete source of truth. Every transaction is represented as a specific length of Blockchain Hash Function. For example Bairocorp as an input transaction message can be represented in blockchain as 82cdce105e2d7b765293c07607e7bc4b32d427be37918c09650aca17532ed175 making it more secure and hard to decrypt. Transactions are kept secure via cryptography, and transactions have to be approved and verified by the network in a process called mining. Check this visual demo of how Hash of info can be treated as smart contract.

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How Technology Can Help Boost Doctor-Patient Communication

Long Healthcare Communication

According to a 2015 report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Policy, doctor-patient communication is the #1 problem in healthcare today. Patients are frustrated with both the types of communication used by doctors and the general lack of it. Fortunately, the advent of new technologies offers doctors the opportunity to more effectively communicate with their patients, thereby leading to stronger relationships and increased loyalty.

In order to ease patients’ concerns over poor communication, here are a few proven tactics that can help your practice stand out among the competition.

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