How Block Chain Works?

How Block Chain Works?

Transaction --> Block -->Verification --> Hash --> Execution


Two Parties, X and Y decide to exchange a unit of value (digital currency or digital representation of some other asset, such as land title, birth certificate, or educated degree) and initiate the transaction.


The transaction is packed with other pending transaction thereby creating a "block". The block is sent to the blockchain system network of participating computers.


The participating computers(called "miners" in the bitcoin blockchain) evaluate the transaction through mathematical calculation determine whether they are valid, When "consensus" has been achieved, typically among 51% of participating computers, the transaction is considered verified.


Each verified block of the transaction is time-stamped with a cryptographic hash. Each block also of contains a reference to previous blocks has, thus creating a "chain “of records that cannot be falsified except by convincing participating computers that the tampered data in one block and i  all prior blocks is true. Such a feat is considered impossible.


The unit of value moves from the account of party X to the account of party B.

Blockchain will become the most innovative healthcare technology ever by creating a trusted peer-to-peer network for sharing information and value. Bairo is leading the way by working on the blockchain technology to benefit our clients. Bairo offers our healthcare clients the full suite of  Electronic Medical Records and Virtual healthcare. Call us or Click here today for a free demo. Stay tuned for more updates.


Prepare Your Clinics for Rainy Season with a Virtual Clinic

When it comes to healthcare, the technological advancements are drastic than any other sector in the world.

The care and the sophistication the patients receive is astonishing and we are proud to have offered one such solution as well with our Bairo HD Video consultation product.

Ever worried about losing your patients due to prolonged rainy days?

Don't be...

As we, as a solution provider, had put all our focus to take the healthcare professional direct to the patient's home and at a whole new level virtually...


Are you offering a digital experience? If not you are at risk of losing your customer.

Digital health is a big industry. According to the recent Bain & Company Research, health providers who offer Digital experience are highly preferred.

Are you offering a Digital experience in your practice? If not, you are at a risk of losing your customer. Bairo offers a full suite of Electronic Medical Records and Pharmacy management enabling you to offer digital experience. Call us or Click here today for a free demo.


Ready for Digital future? If not start preparing

At Bairo, we are redefining how consumers access to care and how providers deliver it by creating new care delivery models using technology.

We’re witnessing exponential growth both in digital at large and specifically as it relates to healthcare. Transparency with electronic medical records and remote patient monitoring are two growing niches as patients expect and demand to own more of their healthcare experience. Digital has the ability to create new care delivery models and truly make a difference in the way we practice healthcare within our nation.

It’s time to look at how health systems select the right solutions for growth and success. Leadership teams will need to engage with these questions. Their answers will play a major role in influencing how Digital will serve as the engine driving healthcare clinical delivery. 


Do you provide this technology in your clinics? Consumers expect it.

Patients of today have multiple options when it comes to healthcare. They Google their symptoms, they YouTube for home remedies, some go to nearby clinics and some request a virtual visit.

With 65% of India’s population being of millennial’s (Aged from 20 to 30), it’s important for your clinic to maintain long term relationship with patients. With increased smartphone usage in this demographic, adopting a mobile-first approach is an important step in your marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, Accenture reported their projections for 2019 that state 66% of health systems will provide online scheduling and 64% of patients will make appointments online.

By recognizing the Millennial's demographic and their interests in technology, adapting to the concepts of convenience and comfort, and brand loyalty, your clinic will be successful, eventually leading to more long-term patient relationships.

Bairo partner with you to create HL7 Standards, HIPAA and NABH security compliant, consumer-facing portals and mobile apps for easy patient access. Our software platform can help you launch a virtual clinic along with your existing care delivery operations.



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